Friday, September 12, 2014

Why, why, why!

I'm back again.  Still in the same struggle with weight that I've always been in.  Why can't I just lose the weigh, then KEEP it off?!?!  This summer was so fast and busy, and even though I tried to get to the gym regularly, I wasn't super good at eating.  So it's time to start again.  Again.
I actually started again, again, the day after Labor Day, and I was on fire.  I did really good, and didn't even cheat that bad on my cheat day that weekend.  Then Luke's birthday came this Tuesday.  I was great until I sampled a bit of the frosting as I was decorating his cake.  That little lick started the ripple effect that took all my motivation away.
So naturally I look back to what I was doing when I kept that fire and motivation.  Korina, you are the only one that sees this blog (pretty sure) so you might get sick of me, but I'm going to report my weigh ins starting tomorrow and also a midweek check in too.  I need to keep the umph going during the week, not just Monday.  I'll also post a starting picture, which will be depressing, but it's something I have to see and be real about.
As far as my workouts, I'm toying with starting the half marathon training schedule again.  I REALLY don't want to do a race right now - or even train for one.  Those long runs are really long.  But I can for sure start out on the training schedule, then when the weekend runs get above 6, I'll just stick with the 6 instead of going up to 9 or 10.
Between my trip to UT next month and our CA trip in November I really need to step it up.  I don't want to avoid being in pictures because I'm feeling ugly.  I want to be feeling good about myself - at least better than I do now!
So look for my pictures tomorrow on here, and my updates.  If you want to join me it may help keep me on track too!  But no pressure. haha!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 2

I am proud of myself because I did really good last week, but the weight still is SO slow coming off!!!  GRRR.  I knew I was going to eat bad on Sunday during the Super Bowl, so I was good on Friday and Saturday.  And boy did I pig out during the game.  I don't even really watch football- it was just an excuse to eat yummy food.  Back on the wagon this morning though, except it is snowing really bad outside and school was cancelled.  So I guess I'm going to have to do weights at home - which is good, but I kinda wanted to run today to do some cardio.  Oh well.  So long as I work out today I will not get too discouraged with myself.  I actually took pictures yesterday.  Depressing.  But it's good to see.  I'll post them when I get them downloaded.  This week is going to be super busy with a friend's birthday party breakfast on Wed. and Sydney's birthday Sunday.  And just a busy schedule.  Hopefully I can make it through without cheating:)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weigh In #4

This week was a tough one.  I really wish this was so much easier! I maintained this week.  I was starving all week, it was hard for me to hit my steps,  it was just long slow week!  Hoping for a better week!!  I did go running on Saturday I've not ran in forever!  So I really wasn't sure how long I would be able to go.  At the gym I usually do hills on the treadmill, ellpitical or the ellpitical bike.  Anyways I did almost 2 miles and it felt really nice.!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weigh in #3

This was a tough workout week, I actually had extra kids over here 3 of the 4 days the kids were in school. Which meant no gym.  I found a new website it's by livestrong DailyPlate basically a calorie counter but it has a 30min workout everyday if you do the workout you press done and it gives you your calories based on your weight and everything!  Then I just go over to the fitbit and can add in the calories.  

Still no soda.

And eating after 7 was good! It sucked!!  When the kids go down I just want to eat!!  

As of Wednesday Morning I was up 2 pounds I was LIKE WHAT!!!  But it finally starting coming off so as of this morning I'm down another 3 pounds!  Which means 11 pounds so far!!  Wouldn't it be so nice to lose 11 pounds a month every month?!  I could be done by summer.....   

This weeks goals

Hit the Gym more often.   
Log my food
Hit my steps
No soda
And no eating after dinner.  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ugh!!! Starting over... AGAIN!!!

Why, oh why am I back where I was a year ago??  I started out this year fully motivated.  I love my fitbit that I got for Christmas.  It is motivating me to exercise and just be more active even outside of my workouts, but I am seriously struggling with my eating!  Jerry was gone all last week and I thought that would make it easier to eat good.  NOPE!  I was horrible.  Maybe because I knew there was no one here actually seeing how bad I ate.  I've got to get a grip on my eating.  Jerry's birthday is tomorrow, which does make it a little hard.  We're planning to go out for dinner and how on earth can I turn down cake and ice cream??
I need to get back in the habit of really reporting everything on my fitness pal.  Probably the most frustrating part is seeing how quickly and easily the weight can just creep back up.  I worked so hard last year, and in the last 4 months of the year I put pretty much everything back on that I had lost all year.  I can use the stress of moving to a new place and finding new routine to blame, but still I have to learn to deal with stress without pigging out.  Sadly, I am realizing how much eating is a part of weight loss.  And I love to eat! :(  So I will try to get back on the wagon... again, this week.  I can't get discouraged when I don't lose 10 pounds or 10 inches in a week.  I need to just keep plugging along and give myself 4 weeks to even expect to notice any difference.  But, I know I'm still going to fully enjoy cake and ice cream tomorrow night.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Weigh in #2

Well I really was hoping for a grand number this week.  With the fitbit it gives you goals so I thought for sure hitting all those every day would have to pay off.  It paid off with 1 pound.   I did a little  blog research and that was exactly what I lost week 2 last time.  "So keep going" I am telling my self....

I've enjoyed the fitbit this week it has me getting 30 activity mins which I usually hit really quick except for Friday I'm guessing it wasn't on right I spent a hour and half at the gym (hour being cardio) and I left with 13 mins of activity walking 10,000 steps which I usually get pretty easy.  But the 5 miles takes till about 11,000 steps and I think it has me 2697 calories which to be honest there are times at 11:30pm I'm doing jumping jacks trying to hit this number.

I've also fell in love with detox bath, I'm going to try take one a week.

Still no soda.  Which yesterday at the grocery store they were giving everyone a soda!!  I was like REALLY!!!  The kids got one and Maylee kept having me hold hers I think she may be against me.

Hardest part is night time!  Once the kids are in bed all I want to do is EAT!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Weigh In #1

Weigh In #1 of the new lifestyle.....  Before I give the information a little about this week.

Probably wasn't the best week to start.  (remember one of the goal was no soda)
 - Family in town
 -Anniversary- week of
 -Time of the Month
 -kids back to school
 -husband back to both jobs

I'm happy to say No soda touched these lips!  It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  At the end of week the loss is 7.2 pounds yes that .2 is very important! :P

I got my fitbit!!  Gary also got one so I'm hoping next week it gives me a goal to reach and helps motivate me to keep moving!!